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ACT for Depression Group

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The three-month ACT for Depression Group has rolling enrollment and combines the benefits of peer support and professional expertise to help you develop a new foundation for a better life. This evidence-based group provides guidance in relating to your emotions and developing skills to help you:

  • Break the cycle of depression
  • Reconnect with a sense of meaning and purpose
  • Build deeper and more satisfying relationships
  • Increase your mindfulness and awareness
  • Find ways to gently hold loss while moving forward with life
  • Engage in worthwhile activity
  • Establish and pursue what you would choose your life to be about
  • Develop greater self-compassion

Radically Open DBT 

For those of us who are over-controlled

Presented by Li Lin Hally, MSSW and Jason Luoma, Ph.D.

Who:  Does it feel like no one really gets what it is like to be you, especially some of the closest people to you? Have you learned to mask, suppress or control hurt and tender feelings? Do you consider yourself shy? Do you pride yourself on your self-control and yet at times feel overwhelmed and underappreciated? Is it hard for you to enjoy or even take downtime or to break one of your own rules?  Do you sometimes feel all alone, even surrounded by people, and no one would guess how miserable you feel on the inside?

What: Come explore how to put joy back in your life.  Learn concrete skills to loosen up your temperament (the way you are wired) so it works for you and not against you. Come hear about cutting edge research on effective skills to change your old patterns and habits, learn how to enhance intimacy and reduce very private experience of self-loathing or criticism. These skills are particularly helpful with perfectionism, over-work, and restrictive eating disordered behaviors.   To learn more about RO-DBT visit www.radicallyopen.net/about.

Big Heart, Open Wide

A Class for Highly Self-Critical People

Who:  Are you your own worst critic? When you fail at something do you feel consumed by feelings of inadequacy or shame? Do you find yourself frequently comparing yourself to other people or to a version of yourself you feel you are not living up to? Do you frequently dislike yourself or feel disappointed in yourself? Are you kinder to others than you are to yourself?

What:  Come and change your relationship with yourself and the people around you. Gain a better understanding of your own self-criticism and learn new scientifically-based skills for getting free from shame and self-criticism. Practice within a supportive community and discover strategies that can help you be more of the person you’d want to be, both to yourself and others. Learn to recognize and address obstacles to being kinder to yourself and others, in order to live a richer, more fulfilling life.

ACT on Life – Stop Struggling & Start Living!

This 9 week course gives people a chance to learn skills to help live life more effectively. This course uses scientifically-supported techiniques to help you:

  • create a rich and meaningful life
  • deepen relationships
  • develop self-compassion
  • be more mindful and present in your daily life
  • skillfullly navigate life obstacles
  • disarm anxiety and depression
  • and get out of your mind and into your life!

When we get caught in struggles with difficult thoughts and feelings, we tend to lose contact with what’s important to us. In ACT on Life, you’ll learn techniques based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to break the grip of unwanted thoughts and feelings and more fully engage your life. The facilitators of this course do not present themselves as experts imparting their knowledge; rather, they are fellow travelers who use and practice ACT in their own lives. You’ll learn how to choose valued directions and skillfully work with obstacles that get in your way. Our goal is to teach you skills that you can use to continue improving your life long after this course has ended.