Couples Therapy


Doug Fogel, Psy.D

Doug Fogel, Psy.D.

In an ideal world I would want all my clients to be able to say that they have never felt more understood and, simultaneously, that they have never felt more challenged — always in a safe and respectful environment. I work with both individuals and couples dealing with a wide variety of difficulties. With individuals I specialize in treating depression and anxiety and my treatment approach is mainly informed by an empirically supported treatment known as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Most couples I work with are wrestling with some combination of anxiety, depression, anger, and being “stuck”. In addition, they are sometimes struggling to figure out what is most meaningful and important with regard to being in a romantic Read more

Amy Dexter, Psy.D

Amy Dexter, Psy.D

I find great meaning in helping people connect with the things that matter most to them and live more full and satisfying lives. I aim to provide a fully accepting and compassionate environment, with respect and admiration for individual differences and unique personal histories. I believe in using research-based methods to provide treatments that are known to be effective, and I have great appreciation for the courage it takes to reach out for help when things aren’t working. I specialize in evidence-based behavioral therapies for sleep problems, depression, and chronic pain and health problems. I am particularly interested in working with people whose lives have become narrowed and preoccupied by emotional and health issues, and those who wish to live Read more