9 Life-Changing Ways in Which Psychotherapy Helps You

Therapy can be beneficial in a wide variety of ways. Psychologists are highly trained professionals who have spent many years learning how to best help people learn new ways of coping with whatever struggles they might be facing including depression, anxiety, sexuality concerns, body image, trauma, grief, relationships and intimacy difficulties, and problems with substance use, among others.

Your therapist can be a great ally in your personal growth journey,  interpersonal relationships, family matters, marriage problems, and every day irritations. As experts in human behavior, psychologists have unique training backgrounds that allow us to help you make those changes in your life that you’d really like to make. We can also offer an outside, non-judgemental perspective on a problem that you might be having difficulty resolving or help guide you to a new viewpoint or solution that you may have never considered or imagined possible.

How much you can benefit from therapy depends on many factors, including how well you make use of the process and implement what you learn. Therapy can be hard work; we at Portland Psychotherapy try to never forget that and we have the utmost respect for the courage and willingness of those people we serve.

With this said… here is a list of 9 ways in which psychotherapy can be helpful if you are willing to begin the journey of facing those things that you’re struggling with:

1. Therapy helps you get in contact with what is most important to you and helps you start moving in that direction. It can give you tools to deal with those barriers that may be getting in the way of you living the life you’d really want to live.

2. Psychotherapy helps you learn new ways to make your relationships more meaningful and vital.

3. Therapy can help you find solutions and new perspectives to the problems and worries that are troubling you.

4. Psychotherapy can teach you specific, concrete skills to help you deal with stress and anxiety.

5. Therapy helps you cope, manage, and move through situations that cause you anger, grief, depression, and other emotional burdens.

6. Psychotherapy can improve your communication and listening skills at every level and in any area of life.

7. Therapy can guide and support you to take those steps to change of old behavior patterns into new and healthy ones.

8. Psychotherapy assists you in discovering new, healthy ways of solving problems within your family or intimate relationships.

9. Therapy helps strengthen your self-esteem and increases your self-confidence through helping you live a life that is more meaningful and more focused on those things that are important to you. Remember, therapy isn’t just about helping you feel better — it’s about helping you live better.

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