About Portland Psychotherapy 2


Portland Psychotherapy strives to make quality, evidence-based mental health services

available to all members of our community. Supporting diversity and inclusivity is a core value at Portland Psychotherapy.


is to use science to develop and guide compassionate, effective treatment and contribute to the wider community through research and training. We offer individual and group therapy and can provide sliding scale services to those in financial need.


is at the heart of our practice. We are dedicated to treating psychological problems with methods based on the best science available.


drives everything we do. Many of our therapists are also researchers, which means that we stay up-to-date on what the research says about what works. If we can’t provide what we think is the best treatment for what a client is struggling with, we will do our best to refer them to an appropriate treatment.


ensures that we are on the cutting edge of what’s happening in evidence-based practice. By seeing a therapist at Portland Psychotherapy, you are also helping to support scientific research so that others may benefit.  To read more about our business model, go here.

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