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Case conceptualization

Recording sessions

Meeting information

  • Link for video/slideshow: is at (specific meeting room is sent via email) 
  • Phone conferencing information: dial in number is: 
       Meeting ID: 460 840 8635 

Recommended audio recorders:

Recommended video recorders

  • Video cameras typically record good enough video. It’s the sound that can be hard to get right without both people wearing microphones. Personally, I have yet found a recorder that records really good sound and also makes small files. 
  • One solution is to try out the laptop or webcam you already have. For most people, that will work just fine. Try it out and see how it sounds. You’ll be able to tell if its good enough.  If you need me to recommend a webcam, I can do that. There are good for about $30 that work really well.
  • If you really want a separate recorder, then then based on reviews and what I know about recorders I’ve used in the past, the following recorder looks pretty good. However, I haven’t tried to myself so can’t say for sure:  Olympus LS-20M HD Video/Audio Recorder