ACT on Life: Awareness Class 1

Through ACT, you can learn to be more aware and intentional in making choices in your life, open to your experience with less struggle, and engaged with your life. This first class focuses on building awareness of your autopilot reactions, so that you can have more of a sense of choice over where you put your energy and attention.

For each week of this course we will give you several homework options. Some will be ones you can do during your daily life, with no extra time required beyond simply showing up to class the next week. Some will require you set aside additional time to work your way through the exercise. Ultimately, what you get from this course will depend upon what you put into it. As this course focuses on learning through experience, its important to practice what you learn in class. However, you’re the expert in your life and know what you can fit into your schedule and how much work you’re willing to put into it. Thus, we give you some options. Whether you choose to do none of them, one of them, or all of them is up to you. Just show up at the next class and we’ll move forward, no matter which homeworks you did. Its completely up to you. 

 Background reading about the ACT model

Daily practice

 If you are really gung ho, then you can practice this awareness building exercise as much as you can, up to twice per day. The exercise takes about 12 minutes to complete. Even practicing it once between now and the next class can be really helpful though. The focus is on building awareness of your bodily sensations and mental experiences.

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