Research and Training at Portland Psychotherapy

November 1, 2018

Christina Chwyl, B.A.

Portland Psychotherapy is a clinic, research and training center. A central part of our mission is to use science to develop novel methods to help people live better lives and alleviate the suffering that is part of living as a human being, and then share those methods with other clinicians. Research Approximately 16 cents of every dollar we take in at Portland Psychotherapy goes to support scientific research. You can read about our projects and publications, as well as ways to get involved in research here. Our research is made possible by an independent ethics board which reviews our research to ensure it meets the highest ethical standards. We helped establish this board, hosted by the Behavioral Health Research Collaborative Read more

Often people want to make changes, but are overwhelmed by a very loud and convincing inner critic. An inner critic is: a powerful, internal voice that tells us we cannot do well in life and achieve our goals a form of self-criticism a common symptom of depression An inner critic is a voice that is built up from messages we’ve heard from others or tell ourselves and carry with us as absolute truths. These messages are painful and can get in the way of taking action to improve our lives. For example: You want to start a romantic relationship, but your inner critic says “I’m unlovable” and you avoid the pain of trying You want to begin exercising regularly, but Read more

Women! – We Are More Than Our Stories

September 26, 2018

Kyong Yi, LCSW

This summer, I attended the first ever “Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) BootCamp for Women’s Issues.” Though I had attended a traditional ACT Bootcamp earlier this year, I was drawn to this summer event out of a desire to connect more with my community of women and to examine ways I can better serve my female clients. The reality of the unique struggles women face in the world has been inescapable in both my personal life and in the therapy room. I went to the training ready to learn. I walked away empowered and inspired. A Mutually Shared Story Throughout the training, we often reflected on the question, “What is our story?” In other words, “How did I come to Read more

Did you make a new year’s resolution at the start of this year? Or have you ever made one in the past? Like most of us, you probably started off with a lot of enthusiasm and lofty goals. But how many times have you actually succeeded in sticking to the resolution? How many times have you reached your final goal? And if you failed, have you ever wondered what exactly has gotten in the way? There is no shame in admitting it. You are in good company. Even with the best intentions and motivations, we all have a tendency to lose sight of our goals and falter at making the changes that we desire. Why is that? An Unsound Relationship Read more

Quit Drinking to Create Better Relationships

April 11, 2018

Bryce Doehne, Psy.D.

Many people drink as part of socializing with others and feel it helps them loosen up, have a better time, and overcome any social anxiety they may feel. They may think alcohol helps them stay connected with people and have better relationships.  Yet, after reflection, some people find that alcohol use actually interferes with their relationships. However, quitting or cutting back drinking is often difficult. It can be an isolating experience for someone who has been a “social drinker”. In addition, people who normally drink during social occasions can often find themselves coping with increased anxiety when attempting to connect with others. This makes quitting or cutting back alcohol hard when you start to think you might need to. Why Read more