Experts’ Favorite Apps and Books for Learning Mindfulness Meditation

Portland Psychotherapy recently asked members of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science what they think are the best tools for learning about and practicing mindfulness meditation. Top experts from around the world chimed in to let us know about apps, recordings, books, and other resources they find to be the most useful, and we wanted … Read moreExperts’ Favorite Apps and Books for Learning Mindfulness Meditation

Blue light at night is bad

We have known or suspected for quite some time that there are significant harmful health and environmental consequences associated with excessive light use at night, especially blue-rich light. Advances in technology and the widespread transition to light emitting diodes (LEDs), which emit substantial amounts of blue light, have made this especially important to understand and … Read moreBlue light at night is bad

Top 5 Mindfulness Resources

The science of mindfulness is a very hot topic these days.  In agreement with the research, we find mindfulness to be a very helpful skill to have that is effective for a variety of problems that come with everyday life, such as distractibility, emotional reactivity, and impulsive decision making. If you’d like to learn this … Read moreTop 5 Mindfulness Resources

Things to Know Before You Say “Go”

In a previous post, I wrote a bit about the growing exploration among researchers in the use of psychotherapy-related smartphone apps for anxiety. In more local news, a Portland psychologist Elsbeth Martindale, PsyD, has developed her own smartphone app. The app is based on a collection of cards she developed called Things to Known before … Read moreThings to Know Before You Say “Go”

Should I Be Using a Smartphone App for Anxiety Instead of Playing Angry Birds?

Recently, there’s been some press on the development of smartphone apps for mental health issues. I think this a very worthy area of pursuit. For a few dollars to download, thousands of people could conceivably practice more effective ways to deal with their anxiety—on the bus, subway, or waiting in line. Smartphone apps have potential … Read moreShould I Be Using a Smartphone App for Anxiety Instead of Playing Angry Birds?

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