How to avoid jet lag while travelling

We’ve written a few posts in the past (#1, #2) about using light therapy to regulate your circadian rhythms. As a person who has a hard time with the Portland winters, I regularly use light therapy in the fall and winter to avoid the winter blues. Light therapy is a very well proven treatment for the winter blues and seasonal depression that has few side effects.

For many years, it has been known that the effective use of light therapy and sunglasses can help you avoid jet lat and adjust more rapidly to a new ┬átime zone. However, it difficult to figure out how to use these tools correctly. Now there’s a new, free website which makes the task of figuring out how to prevent jet lag much easier. You just enter your travel details and it generates a schedule that you can print out and follow. It’s really easy. And now that some good light therapy devices have gotten down to $50 or so, this is now a cheap and easy way to prevent jet lag. Check it out: