How to leave a review for us on Google Places

If you are interested in leaving a review about Portland Psychotherapy or any of the employees there, we would be very happy if you comments on our Google+ page. Below are instructions on how to leave a review (unfortunately, Google doesn’t make it super easy). In order to leave a review, you need to have a Google+ account. These instructions will tell you how to get one, if you don’t already have one. Thanks for your time.


Google+ Places on a Smartphone

Step 1: Must use their smartphone (iphone, android, windows, etc)  

Step 2: Download the “google places” app (see attached image)  

Step 3: Launch the app and login into their google account

Step 4: Search for “portland psychotherapy”

Step 5: Click “review business”

Step 6: Leave review then hit post

Google+ Places on a Desktop/Laptop

 Step 1: Login to your Google account (top right corner when on

**If you have a Google+ account already – skip to Step 5


Step 2: Click on +You (very top left when on


Step 3: Fill out 3 quick pieces of info (Full name, gender and birthday). Then check the 1st box and uncheck the 2nd box.

**You don’t need to “add people you know” just click continue near the bottom right, then “continue anyway”


Step 4: This next section is optional as well, upload your photo then fill out (if you want): where you work, where you went to school, and where you live. To finish click “Finish”.


Step 5: Now you should be in the Google+ dashboard. Click on the “Local” tab located on the left navigation bar in between “Circles” and “More” in the Search field type in ‘portland psychotherapy’ and make sure Portland, OR is the location you are searching in.


Step 6: Once you hit search, portland psychotherapy should be the first business listed. Directly to the right of the business name (before you click on it) you will see a pencil icon and when you hover over it, it will say “Write a review as John Doe” Click on this icon to begin writing your review.


Video Walkthrough: