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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Resources for Therapists

The Association for Contextual Behavioral Science (ACBS)

ACBS is THE organization supporting the development of ACT and related interventions based on a psychological flexibility model. The ACBS website has tons of free material on it for members of the organization. The organization is based on a concept called “values-based dues”, where each member sets the price they are willing to pay to be a member of the organization, based on their own values. Once you join ACBS, you get access to tons of material, including handouts, treatment manuals, powerpoint presentations, assessments, research articles, and much more.

Audio recording and exercises

On the client side of the Portland Psychotherapy website, we have compiled a series of links to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy resources such as audio files, meditations, and exercises.

ACT Case Conceptualization Form 

You can find an ACT case conceptualization form and other training resources on the personal website of Dr. Jason Luoma. He typically recommends therapists use this outline with at least two ACT clients when they are first learning ACT. I think it can be useful to help one get a beter idea of how to apply ACT to unique aspects of a particular client’s life. 

ACT Handouts

Below are some resources for ACT handouts:

ACT Training Resource List

Dr. Jason Luoma created a list of ideas and resources for therapists interested in learning ACT. The handout has ideas on what books to read, where to find out about workshops, and online resources.